Quasar Science – Ossium frame c/w 6x 2’ Double Rainbow (UK power cable)

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The Ossium Frame is a sturdy support system for a range of Rainbow tubes, including the Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow. These tubes can be easily attached using the integrated Ossium Rail, allowing for quick and efficient rigging. The frame also comes with a yoke and Jr Pin for easy rigging. The package includes six 2ft Double Rainbows, which offer high quality tunable white light and vibrant RGB color saturation. The stacked array of 120 individually addressable pixels allows for precise control of the lighting. Additionally, the frame allows for direct connection to various industry standard wired and wireless control options.

The latest 0.7B firmware update for the Ossium Frame is now available, offering new features and fixes. These include VRGB DMX profiles for pixel mapping, TimoTwo updates over USB, sACN priorities for using multiple controllers, and more. With the Ossium Frame, creating a wall of pixels for image-based lighting is simple and efficient. The modular design allows for easy expansion and flexibility, making it a perfect fit for any set. So why wait? Frame your world in a whole new light with the Ossium Frame Array.

In Stock
SKU: 925-2062


(6) Double Rainbow Linear LED light – 2’, UK (925-2101), (1) 2’ Ossium Frame (OS212), (1) Multibank Power Adaptor, 12-Bank, Type G (929-0241)