Quasar Science – Ossium frame c/w 6x 4’ Double Rainbow (UK power cable)

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The Ossium Frame is a sturdy support for a variety of Rainbow tubes. Both the Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow can be easily attached using the integrated Ossium Rail. The frame also comes with a yoke and Jr Pin for rigging. The package includes six 4ft Double Rainbows, each with 288 individually addressable pixels. With direct connect capabilities to industry standard wired and wireless control options, controlling your lighting has never been easier. The latest 0.7B firmware is now available, offering new features such as VRGB DMX profiles, sACN priorities, and extra dimming steps.

With Ossium Frame Arrays, you can create a wall of pixels for dynamic image-based lighting. The stacked array of Rainbow tubes allows for unique data to be sent to each pixel, resulting in stunning and realistic lighting effects. The frame is modular, allowing for easy expansion and flexibility. Each Rainbow tube offers high quality tunable white light and high RGB color saturation, making it perfect for virtual production. Say goodbye to searching for additional fixtures, and instead use the Ossium Frame to create the perfect lighting setup for your scene.

In Stock
SKU: 925-4062


(6) Double Rainbow Linear LED light – 4’, UK (925-2102), (1) 4’ Ossium Frame (OS412), (1) Multibank Power Adaptor, 12-Bank, Type G (929-0241)